Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Please Don't Name a File Setup.exe


After doing all the downloading from my previous post I have one big request from the software development community.  Please don't name your install file Setup.exe.  Try instead Setup<Application Name><Version Number>.exe or some varient of that.

I just downloaded the Windows SDK and the file was named setup.exe.  I download all files to the same directory, and decide what to do with them from there.  I don't want to have to rename your file in order to prevent it from overwriting another file with the same name.

While I'm on this little rant, I'm tired of iTunes always downloading with the name iTunesSetup.exe with no version number.  It seems rude to me for Apple to assume users want to overwrite the previous version they downloaded, and thus lose the ability to roll back to a previous version if they don't like the upgraded "features."

Thanks, and have a nice day.


Free Directory Sync Software


A co-worker asked me yesterday if there is a way to use Kdiff3 to synchronize directories similar to BeyondCompare.  I briefly attempted this task in the recent past without success.  It turns out that it can be done, but I went on to look for dedicated file sync/backup software.  Here is a list of what I found:

Whew!  This is obviously a common user need.  I wonder why it isn't baked into the operating system, or if it is, why it isn't more easily discoverable.  I have not evaluated all of these (I've wasted enough time finding the links and making this post :-)), but I have launched all of them that do not require an install.

I'm currently using SyncBack to back up files between an external drive and my local disks.  It is polished, and meets my needs.  Feel free to try the others and post your experiences in the comments.


 Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh, so that's what it takes...


For the past six years, I've been watching the national political debate with fascination and disgust.  I find the "Cult 'o W" stickers especially fascinating.  I wonder how far some of these folks, my friends and neighbors, will go in support of authority and conformity.

This past Thursday I was truly and honestly depressed.  I am a student of history and a patriot.  I love this country and its founding principles.  I have never found evidence of a society with more freedoms and opportuniti