Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fox Forward Day 1

Fox Forward 2006 - Alpharetta, GA USA - September 15th-17th

A coworker and I drove down to Alpharetta, GA Friday afternoon.  We arrived only 20 minutes late for the reception, despite the best attempts of Atlanta traffic to make us later. :-)

The hotel is comfortable, with large rooms; no complaints.  At registration, I met Kevin Cully who organized the event.  He reported that he had 55 attendees registered.   That was good news to me.  For a first time conference on a niche topic such as Visual FoxPro has become, that is a respectable level of interest.

After my first beer... er, I mean after the reception, I attended Bo Durban's session on Creating custom report controls and customizing the report designer.  This was an eye-opening session for me.  I have not touched a VFP report since VFP 9 was released, so I hadn't seen the COOL new features available from the report listener class.

Bo showed us how to hook into the report rendering to draw directly on the report with GDI+.  Next, he showed us how to use GDI+ to completely replace a shape on a form with whatever we want.  Bo demoed replacing with Rich Text, and an ActiveX control.  I told Bo he got me excited about reporting, which I never expected.

The keynote was given by Craig Boyd.  I've read Craig's blog for over a year, and knew to expect an enthusiastic advocate for VFP development.  Craig delivered in spades!  VFP World Domination was a 75 minute cheerleading session about the power and potential of the Fox.  I left the session very fired up about what is possible with this tool. 

Craig showed off several of the tools and examples he has created.  He is a terrific resource to our community.  One of his examples gave me a possible solution to a tool I have been contemplating.

Following Craig's keynote, several of us went to Taco Macs for "refreshments".  I am thrilled about this conference, and very honored to be allowed to speak on Sunday morning.


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 Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cool new TFS Extension


Bernardo Heynemann has put together the beginnings of what I'm&nb