Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm Speaking at DevLink 2006

devLink Technical Conference 2006This is going to be lots of fun. 

Already they have Eric Sink and Kevin McNeish on the schedule.  I'll be busy trying to act cool.  You know, I hang out with these guys all the time.  They're not my heroes or anything.  No really, I'm cool.


 Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Everybody Lost in the Cartoon War

Back in '93 I was one of the Sunday school teachers in a class called "Church Across the Street."  This was a terrific curriculum for Sixth Graders.  We would study a religion or denomination for a week or two, then we would attend a service.  It was extremely educational for the students and the teachers.  I began attending the Episcopal Church as a direct result of my involvement in this class.

When we studied Islam, we visited the local Mosque.  It was Awesome.  I didn't like that the girls had to use a separate entrance, and cover their heads.  Females also prayed in a separate room.  Aside from the gender issues, my experience was totally positive.  The reverence for God was palpable.  Multiculturalism is not just a PC term in a US mosque.  There were men of every color worshiping fervently together.  I was floored by the experience. 

We had an adolescent boy show us the customs for ritual cleansing and explain their symbolic and practical purposes.  This young man had a very strong sense of identity and belonging.  His life had value and meaning.  I don't have anything against Islam. 

What continues to irritate me is ignorance.  Fundamentalism of all kind